Circulatory systems

Smart Recycling

Zero Waste:
We will reuse, recycle or recover the volume of waste that accumulates in the corporation by a significant percentage by the end of 2025.

Food Waste:
We will reduce our food waste at the Schwarz Group by 50 percent by the end of 2030.


of all waste is recycled, reused, fermented or composted. This is the equivalent to 2,260,678 tons (2019)

Implementation and Measures

The Vision of REset Plastic:
“Less Plastic – closed Loops” is also systematically pursued against an economic backdrop. In this context, we are the first retail group to commit to use up to 20 % less plastic, to make 100 % of our private label packaging maximum recyclable, and to use an average of 20 % recycled material in our own-brand plastic packaging by 2025 in all countries and business units – starting from production, procurement, and logistics and ending with disposal and waste management.

Implementation and Measures