Targeted Empowerment

The current labor market is characterized by constant change – new requirements, new qualifications and new forms of employment. We are used to these constantly changing conditions and have the means to adapt to them. We invest in lifelong learning and thus in the development of our employees as well as in a dynamic future for the Schwarz Group. By opening up prospects of training and continued education, we seek to motivate our employees and develop their potential – and with our more than 500,000 employees, we have got plenty of that.

Implementation and Measures

Frank Schumann, Chair of the Board, Kaufland
Frank Schumann,
Chair of the Board, Kaufland

The health of our employees is our first priority. A modern health management system not only intervenes reactively, it also promotes health proactively. As a result, both our employees and the corporation benefit over the long term – and our employees appreciate the concern for their well-being, even ensuring that they maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Implementation and Measures

Fair Wages

The Schwarz Group considers fair wages to be another expression of human worth. This applies not only to the compensation of its own employees but also to its partners which take part in its global value chain, particularly local suppliers in international procurement markets.

As the Schwarz Group, we consider it our duty, together with our business partners in the countries concerned, to make decent employment possible through good working conditions and fair wages. As a result, the business activities of the Schwarz Group will positively impact the people who work in its supply chain as well as their families and local communities.

Social Engagement

Jochen Brühl, Chairman, Tafel Deutschland
Jochen Brühl,
Chairman, Tafel Deutschland

Food banks combine social and ecological commitment. Every minute we save 500 kilograms of edible food from being destroyed and thus regularly support over 1.6 million people. To be able to do this, we need strong partners at our side. Kaufland and Lidl have been supporting us for many years. This is just one way they look after their social responsibility as a successful corporation.

Implementation and Measures