Neckarsulm, 16. November 2020

Group-wide Code of Conduct for Business Partners

As a corporate group with a strong sense of responsibility, we commit ourselves to clear and binding principles in all areas of our business activities.

Our Group-wide Code of Conduct for Business Partners, reflects our definition of putting responsibility into action rather than simply putting it in writing.

We share this responsibility to reflect on our actions and their impacts along the supply chains with our business partners and expect them to act in a manner that is consistent with our code. As of November 2020, we expect our business partners to comply with our Code of Conduct which serves as a guide on compliance with established standards to reduce negative environmental and social impacts along the supply chain as well as a guide on observing environmental standards in production. As part thereof, we also require our direct and indirect suppliers to respect human dignity, comply with the law, and adhere to the internationally recognized principles of the UN Global Compact and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Please find our Group-wide Code of Conduct for Business Partners here.