Plain Talk Sustainability Report Schwarz Group

Neckarsulm, 29. September 2020

First Sustainability Report of the Schwarz Group

For the first time ever, we provide insight into the Group’s sustainable actions: Headlined “Plain Talk: „Talking Plainly. Acting sustainably“, our report reveals the ecological, economic and social impacts of our company‘s activities on the four focus topics of quality of life, product quality, circulatory systems and ecosystems.

As the only retailer worldwide, the Schwarz Group is in a position to cover large parts of the food retail value chain in-house, from food production to retailing and recycling. We actively address our associated responsibility for sustainable development. Balancing economy, ecology and society has always been a guiding principle of the Schwarz Group.

This sustainability report of ours underlines our commitment to sustainable retailing. In accordance with the GRI standards under the „Core“ option of the Global Reporting Initiative, the report provides insight into how sustainability is anchored in our strategy and managed within the Group across all countries and business units. For the first time, we are documenting our approach to the sustainability issues that are critical to us and providing information about our activities based on key figures and concrete measures.

We focus on further developing the Group-wide sustainability strategy with the four overarching topics of quality of life, product quality, circulatory systems and ecosystems. From now on, this will form our common objective in pursuit of sustainable orientation of our Group - in addition to division-specific focus points that may result from different business models.

The report covers the 2018 and 2019 fiscal years and will be published regularly going forward. Also included was the Communication on Progress as part of our participation in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world‘s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate management, to whose principles the Schwarz Group has been committed since joining in 2020.

The report is available in German and English.