Recyclates assembly line

Neckarsulm, 15. June 2021

Use of Recyclate: Expanding the Goals of REset Plastic

We have expanded the goals of our Group-wide REset Plastic strategy:
We strive to use on average a minimum of 20 percent recyclate in the private label packaging of Lidl and Kaufland by 2025.

Since 2018, we have already been pursuing the Group-wide goals of reducing plastic consumption by 20 percent by 2025 and ensuring recyclability of 100 percent of our private label packaging by the same year. This new objective on use of recyclate reflects the Schwarz Group’s commitment on promoting the circular economy. Across all countries, an average of six percent recyclate is already used in Lidl and Kaufland private label packaging (as of 2019).

To achieve the objectives of our plastics strategy, we are implementing a variety of measures. We decided, for example, to stop using black plastic in Lidl and Kaufland private label packaging by the end of 2021 at the latest, as this makes recycling more difficult.

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