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Neckarsulm, 30. December 2022

Commitment to respecting human rights and environmental standards

Whether as customers, employees or business partners, people are at the heart of what we do. We are therefore committed to ensuring that human rights are respected in all areas of our business activities around the world. By means of this Policy Statement, which applies to the entire Schwarz Group, we underscore our responsibility as a leading retail group.

Due to the complex value chain structure in retail and food production, our greatest human rights and environmental challenges lie in increasingly globalized supply chains. We therefore strive to meet our responsibility toward people and the environment not only within the scope of our own activities, but also jointly with direct and indirect business partners along the supply chains and service sectors. We are committed to respecting and strengthening social and environmental standards in our global value and supply chains and to preventing their violation.

The publication of our Group-wide Human Rights Policy Statement in May 2020 represents a consistent development of this long-standing commitment and is a commitment to ensuring that acting with respect and integrity will continue to shape the way our Group sees itself in the future.

Please find our Human Rights Policy Statement here.

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