Zwei Männer sammeln Plastikabfälle ein

Neckarsulm, 23. March 2022

“STOP” Plastic Waste in the Environment

“Think globally – act locally”

... that’s our motto! Fundamentally changing the way we deal with plastic – this is a goal we should pursue together, because plastic waste is a global problem and affects us all. That’s why we not only act in the countries where we have stores, but also get involved where the plastic waste problem is particularly big: in Indonesia. Since 2019, we have already been working with the coastal cities of Muncar, Pasuruan, East Java and Jembrana, as well as with project partners on Bali. As part of Project STOP, we are thus supporting the introduction of effective municipal waste management in Southeast Asia.

Our goal is to integrate recyclable materials into recycling streams before they reach the sea. To this end, we are applying our pooled internal expertise. The waste management, plastics recycling, and consulting divisions work closely together to achieve this, because as a technical partner we want to be more than just a financier – we want to actively contribute our knowledge where it is needed. What makes us particularly proud about this? STOP’s close cooperation with the Indonesian population.

Our successes to date for a cleaner environment at a glance:

  • 260,000 households are now connected to new waste management systems – many of them for the first time.
  • 226 new jobs have been created.
  • Five newly built recycling plants process 150 tons of waste per day.
  • Together, project participants have already collected 20,000 tons of waste, including 2,400 tons of plastic, preventing it from entering the environment.

All the more reason for us to happily say that our journey together is not over yet: we are extending the international collaboration in Indonesia and are excited for another year of Project STOP.

Want to learn more about the holistic plastics strategy “REset Plastic”? Then follow the link and be inspired by our vision: