Two employees of the Schwarz Group collect rubbish in a parking lot

Neckarsulm, 23. September 2022

Third Cleanup Event by the Schwarz Group

To mark the World Cleanup Day on September 16, 2022, more than 1000 employees of the Schwarz Group showed their commitment for greater environmental protection. The cleanup event was organized by the Corporate Responsibility Team.

Under the motto “Less pollution – more solidarity”, employees from Schwarz Services, the Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions and the PreZero environmental division got actively involved in their leisure time to collect waste lying around at various locations in the Heilbronn and Neckarsulm region. In total, the employees removed more than three tons of waste from the environment – almost one ton more than last year – a great success!

As a thank you for their special commitment, the team with the greatest collected amount was awarded a team event of their choice. In total, the winning team returned 45 bags of collected waste and recyclables to the drop-off point. This means that each team member filled an average of 4.5 bags with plastics, glass, paper and residual waste during the event.

The PreZero environmental division made sure that the collected waste was disposed of correctly at the Stiftsberg drop-off point by returning the recyclables to the loop. The aim of the cleanup event was to focus the awareness of employees on the more conscious use of plastic in the environment and to reuse the recyclables appropriately. In this way, we were able to remove waste that does not belong in the environment and preserve valuable resources – completely in line with our principle: For us, today’s waste is tomorrow’s raw material.

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