Pupils from the Josef Schwarz School walking along a street and collecting rubbish.

Neckarsulm, 16. May 2023

Environmental Protection to Join In: Clean-Up Campaign by the Josef Schwarz School

Everyone can make a difference and contribute to the protection of the environment:  This was proven once again this year by approximately 300 students of the Josef Schwarz School in Heilbronn. With the support from the areas of Corporate Responsibility of Schwarz Corporate Communications and Social Engagement of Schwarz Dienstleistungen, under the motto of “Less pollution – more community”, the students cleared the garbage in our region lying around the Neckar.

How can I help nature? How do I separate my waste correctly at home? Our colleagues from Corporate Responsibility provided answers to these and many other questions during their exciting short presentation, which prepared the students for the joint collection campaign. And then? Equipped with high-visibility vests, grippers, gloves and information material on correct waste separation, they went out into nature. Here, the children and caregivers collected the garbage that had been thrown carelessly into the landscape and disposed of it properly. This was a good opportunity to put the previously learned basics around the understanding of recycling, avoiding of waste and sustainability directly into practice.

This is already the second year in succession, in which the successful collection campaign of the Schwarz Group companies has been initiated under the umbrella of the jointly developed plastics strategy, REset Plastic. One objective of the strategy is to raise the awareness for an intact environment, the value of resources and how important it is to prevent waste prevent. The action also allows students to experience up-close the difference that their own actions can make in the overall context. In the name of the Schwarz Group companies, we would like to thank all the participants sincerely for their great effort.

Two employees from Schwarz Unternehmenskommunikation give a presentation on the subject of REset Plastic.