Image of a sea with an offshore wind farm

Neckarsulm, 5. April 2023

Fresh wind for the joint climate strategy of the companies of Schwarz Group: Lidl and Kaufland in Germany agree on green power supply from offshore wind farm with RWE

Electricity from 100 percent* renewable energy from 2022 – a fundamental building block of the jointly developed climate strategy of the companies of Schwarz Group. This is how we, the companies of Schwarz Group, want to make a contribution to the Paris climate agreement and to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. With the long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) now signed with RWE Supply & Trading, this goal is now receiving tailwind: Lidl and Kaufland in Germany will draw their electricity partially directly from an offshore wind farm in the North Sea in the future.

The PPA with RWE covers the procurement of around 250 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy per year. The contract is set to run for 10 years from 2028 and thus forms an innovative component of the jointly developed energy strategy of the companies of Schwarz Group, which demonstrates the seriousness of the Schwarz Group companies’ climate commitment: With PPAs, we promote the creation of additional green power capacity and actively drive the energy transition.

Much wind about nothing? On the contrary: The wind electricity from the RWE “Kaskasi” wind farm can theoretically supply 400,000 households per annum with green energy. Located around 35 kilometers off the coast of Helgoland, it has a total of 38 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 342 megawatts. Together with the Amrumbank and Nordsee Ost wind farms, it forms the “Helgoland Cluster”; all plants have been feeding green electricity into the grid since the end of 2022. And greener still: The world's first rotor blades that can be recycled at the end of their life cycle are mounted on three of the turbines at the wind farm. For the first time, due to a new type of resin with a special chemical structure, the materials used can be separated from each other again.

* Excluding any purchase agreements that the companies of Schwarz Group cannot influence, such as those for individual leased properties with a binding electricity procurement clause. You can find more information here.