Vier Mitarbeiter/innen der Unternehmen der Schwarz Gruppe stehen vor einem Schaubild der Klimastrategie

Neckarsulm, 19. July 2023

To see, experience and understand sustainability

Is it possible to the sugar reduction in the private label products of the Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions? What does diversity look like in the companies of Schwarz Group? And what connection is there, for example, between agriculture, living wages and packaging? We believe: some things have to be "grasped" in order to really understand them. Through interactive exhibits, guessing questions and product tastings, our Corporate Responsibility team at Schwarz Corporate Communications brings to life the jointly developed sustainability strategy of the companies of Schwarz Group.

Bottles become bottles become bottles... But how? Real recycled flakes, PET regranulate and blank bottles represent the stations in the life cycle of our recyclable bottle – and make it tangible. Empowerment is abstract? We make it concrete: with interactive roll-outs, we provide information about the various sustainability training courses at the companies of Schwarz Group. Lego figures are used to illustrate the diversity of our management bodies – after all, anyone can list key figures. With these and many other creative formats, we want to give employees of the companies of Schwarz Group a better understanding of our joint sustainability strategy. Sustainability is complex and individual solutions are no longer viable for the future. Rather, the activities within the scope of our sustainability strategy are closely interwoven and influence each other. That's what we want to raise awareness of, because: Change needs people who shape it!

To achieve this, an individual theme room in the form of a suitcase has been created for each of our four focus topics – People, Product Quality, Circular Systems and Ecosystems – consisting of exciting facts and background information relating to our sustainability strategy. The themed suitcases can be packed, unpacked and repacked as often as required – in keeping with the spirit of sustainability. The exhibition was presented for the first time on July 4 at the event "WIR – The Companies of Schwarz Group". On this day, all new managing directors, managers and divisional directors of the divisions and national companies had the opportunity to get to know the complexity, but also the diversity and strength of Schwarz Group. We used the opportunity to highlight the importance of our commitment to sustainability and its impact on the various business models and thus on the daily work of the managers. Have a look for yourself:

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