Eine Frau lacht in die Kamera, im Hintergrund sind Personen verschommen zu sehen. Eine Frau lacht in die Kamera, im Hintergrund sind Personen verschommen zu sehen.


The contribution of the companies of Schwarz Group to an appreciative togetherness

For us, the companies of Schwarz Group, people are at the center of our actions. That is why it is particularly important to us to actively get our employees and customers on board and involved in the topic of sustainability. As responsible employers, the companies of Schwarz Group want to offer their over 550,000 employees an attractive and healthy work environment founded on diversity and equal opportunities.

Targeted Empowerment

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A changing world needs people who can help shape it. And to deliver that, we need to think ahead and evolve constantly. This applies just as much to career development as it does to the dialog on sustainability.

The companies of Schwarz Group consider education to be the most valuable raw material. That is why we promote our employees’ development both professionally and personally through targeted empowerment and support. We have also set the joint goal of empowering our employees to act more sustainably in their respective fields.

Our measures

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"The majority of products are still cultivated using conventional farming methods. This is one of the biggest impacts that the companies of Schwarz Group have. However, the companies started gradually increasing the number of sustainable food products in their portfolio many years ago and now offer a large number of products that are both environmentally friendly and produced in a fair manner."

 – Sandra Uwera, CEO Fairtrade International

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Corporate due dilligence

The companies of Schwarz Group trade products from around the world. This means that the supply chains involve people from many different countries. The companies of Schwarz Group are conscious that they therefore have a particular responsibility to ensure that human rights are respected. The jointly defined standards for working and living conditions that are both fair and safe also apply to the supply chains. The companies of Schwarz Group advocate employment-related human rights and living wages. They pursue these goals predominantly through their Purchasing departments as well as by working closely with their suppliers.

Please note: The words “we”, “us” or “our” or similar stand for all companies of Schwarz Group.