Simply act sustainably

Responsibility at the Schwarz Group

Industrial development and the globalization of the economy offer mankind a variety of opportunities – but at the same time they bring with them complex ecological and social challenges. These include scarcity of raw materials, climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and the overloading of soils and waters, as well as poverty and human rights violations. In addition, the world´s population will continue to rise, resulting in increased resource consumption.

Gerd Chrzanowski CEO Lidl

"There is no alternative to sustainable action. As one of the world´s largest retail companies, we as the Schwarz Group have the opportunity and the responsibility to make a difference. We take this responsibility seriously and align our actions with the Group-wide sustainability strategy."

– Gerd Chrzanowski, General Partner of the Schwarz Group

Our sustainability vision is:

Living global responsibility with diversity.

We use our entrepreneurial strengths to set standards for respectful cooperation and an environment worth living in.

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Our sustainability strategy

We want to resolutely address the complex, interrelated issues of the future and strive for sustainable development in all business areas. A common understanding of sustainability within the Schwarz Group is essential for this. All our activities are therefore based on the group-wide sustainability strategy, which focuses on the four topics people, product quality, closed-loop systems and ecosystems.

With these focus topics, we provide our retail divisions Lidl and Kaufland, our environmental unit PreZero, the Schwarz Production and the entire Schwarz Group with a uniform framework for action and define overarching guidelines.

We continuously develop the content of our strategic sustainability agenda. In this way, our sustainability strategy creates clear common objectives and at the same time offers scope for shaping changing challenges.