Simply act sustainably

Our responsibility as the companies of Schwarz Group

Industrial development and globalization of the economy offer mankind a variety of opportunities – and at the same time are accompanied by complex economic, environmental, and social challenges. These include a scarcity of resources, climate change, the loss of biodiversity, the improper disposal and recycling of waste, deforestation, and the overburdening of land and water as well as poverty, violations of human rights or limited access to education. Moreover, the world’s population continues to grow, which is further increasing our use of resources and intensifying competition for access to raw materials.

As a diverse corporate group, the companies of Schwarz Group are aware of and assume their responsibility

Gerd Chrzanowski CEO Lidl

"There is no alternative to sustainable action. As one of the world´s largest retail companies, we, the companies of Schwarz Group have the opportunity and the responsibility to make a difference. We take this responsibility seriously and align our actions with the Group-wide sustainability strategy."

– Gerd Chrzanowski, General Partner of the Schwarz Group

Our sustainability vision is:

Assuming Global Responsibility – Acting with Diversity

We use our corporate strength to set the benchmark for respectful cooperation and an environment worth living in.

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Corporate responsibility strategy

The companies of Schwarz Group want to use their influence to set the benchmark for respectful cooperation and an environment worth living in. The joint, group-wide corporate responsibility (CR) strategy of the companies of Schwarz Group with its four focus areas of People, Product Quality, Circular Systems, and Ecosystems, which was developed based on a solid materiality analysis, provides the framework for this work. This strategy is based on the solid foundation of the longstanding commitment to sustainability across all divisions and countries and gives them enough scope to be able to respond effectively to the pressing challenges of sustainable development.


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