Household Products from Own Recycling Loop

Neckarsulm, 9. September 2021

Household Products from Own Recycling Loop at Lidl and Kaufland

As part of the group-wide REset Plastic strategy, Lidl, Kaufland, and PreZero, the environmental division of the Schwarz Group, are giving old packaging from Germany's private households a new life and thereby are reducing the use of new plastic.

In a second promotional campaign of its kind, Lidl and Kaufland, in collaboration with PreZero, are offering their customers own brand household goods made of 100%* recycled plastic. What makes the recycled products special is that nearly all of the steps in the process are taken care of by the participating Schwarz Group divisions, from collection to recycling to sale. For the manufacturing, PreZero collects packaging waste from private households which has, for example, been disposed of in the so-called yellow bag or the yellow bin, the waste collection system for packaging in Germany. The plastics are then sorted, cleaned, and ground into regranulate; this then serves as the raw material for manufacturing new, high-quality household goods. The entire recycling and manufacturing process takes place in Europe, thereby conserving resources and helping to protect the environment. The sustainable "home and organization aids" made of recyclates are available at Kaufland stores in Germany starting today and will be available at Lidl in the stores and in the online shop as of 27 September. The recycled products will soon be on sale in other countries too. Depending on the country, Lidl will be offering up to seven products and Kaufland up to 12 products, including organizers, waste containers and cleaning buckets as well as transport and storage boxes.

Going forward, the Schwarz Group plans to expand the range of products made of recyclates bringing it a decisive step closer to the vision of its REset Plastic strategy "Less plastic – closed loops".

*Plastic content (approx. 95%) of the product is 100% recycled plastic, additional use of additives and color (approx. 5%).