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Neckarsulm, 10. November 2021

Sustainable Silphie-packaging from OutNature at Lidl and Kaufland

With its brand OutNature, the environmental division of the Schwarz Group, PreZero, has developed new sustainable fiber and paper products for packing solutions in trade and industry. After a successful pilot phase, the two retail divisions, Lidl and Kaufland, are gradually introducing the innovative paper packaging based on Silphium from now on in the fruit and vegetable field, starting with organic cress. At Lidl, organic cress has been made available in Silphie-packaging since last Monday,11/8, initially in southern Germany, whereas at Kaufland, it is due to be available nationwide in all stores throughout Germany. This marks the start of a series of many other product changes: Organic tomatoes, apples, and mushrooms, for example, will follow soon at Kaufland, and is expected to expand to other national companies. In the coming months, smoked and Stremel-salmon from the K-Bio own brand will also be offered in the new packaging at Kaufland, Germany.

Special Features of Silphie-packaging Alternatives
Silphie-paper is particularly resource-efficient and can be used in a variety of ways in the food and non-food sectors. With a share of at least 35 percent, the fibers of the energy crop form the basis for the novel packaging. Regional Silphium cultivation reduces transport distances and associated CO2 emissions. In addition, the processing plant requires little water and energy, and the fibers are obtained without the use of chemicals.

In addition, Silphium also offers a sustainable perspective for farmers, as it is, amongst others, insect-friendly, stores CO2 in the soil and protects it from wind and water erosion. The robust, perennial energy crop has so far been used exclusively for the production of biogas. OutNature has succeeded in separating the plant fibers using a biothermal process prior to bioenergy generation. In this way, the PreZero brand is harnessing Silphium as a new raw material produced in Germany that is revolutionizing the paper and packaging industry.

OutNature received the German Packaging Award in the category “New Material” at the end of 2020 for the idea of manufacturing sustainable packaging from Silphie-fibers. This was followed at the start of 2021 by the prestigious WorldStar Award from the World Packaging Organization (WPO) in the category “Packaging Materials & Components”.

Further research is expected to provide Silphie-paper with additional barrier-properties, for example against water or fat. In this way, the novel paper can become a possible substitute product for plastic packaging in the future and thus contribute to the vision of the international group-wide plastics strategy REset Plastic “Less Plastic – Closed Loops”.

Additional Information
Further information regarding OutNature can be found at

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