Neckarsulm, 28. May 2021

Lidl and Kaufland voluntarily increase tariff by three percent

As an employer in the retail industry, the Schwarz Group and its retail divisions attach great importance to fair pay. The past months have seen increasingly difficult conditions in food retail, which is why Lidl and Kaufland considered it crucial that the collective wages be increased by three percent from June 2021, even before the current collective bargaining negotiations are completed. This means a voluntary step towards increased tariff pay and continued commitment to pay above tariff by the retail divisions. Lidl and Kaufland will even grant the difference to three percent if the social partners agree on a lower increase of tariff wages as part of the collective bargaining.

"We do not want our employees to wait any longer for a mutual agreement between the parties to the collective bargaining agreement, especially in view of their outstanding commitment and dedication. This voluntary increase in tariff pay is our way of expressing our appreciation, and we are happy to lead the way", explains Klaus Gehrig, general partner of the Schwarz Group.

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