Dualer Studiengang "Wirtschaftsinformatik in der Studienrichtung Data Science"

Dual Degree Program “Business Informatics-Data Science”

Neckarsulm, 28. November 2022

Accelerating digitalization: Become a business IT specialist with the Schwarz Group and Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)

The future is digital. – Digitalization is becoming increasingly important within the Schwarz Group as well. In order to pave the way toward this digital future, the divisions of the corporate group, the retail divisions Lidl and Kaufland, the environmental division PreZero, Schwarz Dienstleistungen, Schwarz IT, and Schwarz Digital are capitalizing on and promoting digital talent.

That is why the degree program “Business Informatics” has been part and parcel of the educational program at Lidl and Schwarz IT for over five years now. Business IT specialists are in demand in various departments of the corporate group. Starting in the fall of 2023, Kaufland will be offering a bachelor’s degree in “Business Informatics-Data Science” together with Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. Two spaces are reserved for the Administration department and one space each for Human Resources, Purchasing/Procurement, and Marketing/Communication.

Interplay between theory and practice

The three-year degree consists of theoretical and practical components, alternating every three months: The students acquire theoretical knowledge for their bachelor’s degree in data science at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Heilbronn. During the practical phases at the various companies in the Schwarz Group, they can apply their acquired knowledge directly. The students deepen their knowledge of IT methods and technology, while at the same time gaining expertise in the selected department. In doing so, they actively contribute to organizing the focus of their education and training. The personal and professional development of the students is encouraged by means of exciting practical projects in dedicated teams, method seminars, or training sessions. Assignments in collaborating departments and on-the-job training allow the students to integrate themselves even more in their respective training company.

Dual education students at Schwarz Group companies benefit from an attractive remuneration: Their monthly salary is EUR 1,500 for the first year, EUR 1,600 for the second, and EUR 1,800 for the third, in addition to a vacation and Christmas bonus and six weeks of paid vacation per year. Furthermore, young professionals can expect a secure training position with the intention to take them on as full-time employees.

Embracing digitalization in the retail sector

In the Schwarz Group, digitalization is more than just a pure IT issue. The companies in the Schwarz Group rely on digital solutions and take advantage of the latest technological advancements to optimize their business operations and streamline their processes. The students experience this through the combination of retail, data, and IT. The degree offered together with DHBW in Heilbronn is the ideal solution for retail companies to train motivated employees directly for and in specialized departments and to get them excited about the wide range of digital subject areas in the retail sector.

The various job portals of the companies in the Schwarz Group can be found here: Schwarz Group | Job portals

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