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Neckarsulm, 28. October 2022

Inflation bonus: Schwarz Group companies pay a total of almost EUR 40 million to employees

Non-exempt employees at companies belonging to the Schwarz Group will benefit from the state “inflation bonus”: After the German government approved this measure on Tuesday, 25 October 2022, in the wake of sharp increases in consumer prices, they will be the first retail companies to pay out tax-free bonuses to their employees, spending a total of almost EUR 40 million in Germany for this purpose.

With this measure, the companies of the Schwarz Group are sending a clear message in the current difficult economic situation for the general public: The Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions, Schwarz Produktion, the PreZero environmental division, Schwarz Dienstleitungen, Schwarz IT and Schwarz Digital are offering an inflation bonus of EUR 250 to all non-exempt employees — marginal employees will receive EUR 75.

“With this bonus, we would like to provide our employees with financial support in these challanging times and alleviate the current high financial burdens a little,” explains Gerd Chrzanowski, CEO of the Schwarz Group.

Around 175,000 non-exempt employees of the companies belonging to the Schwarz Group in Germany will receive the bonus, regardless of whether they are employed full-time or part-time. The non-exempt employees working at Lidl, Schwarz Produktion, Schwarz Dienstleistungen, Schwarz IT, and Schwarz Digital will see the inflation bonus as a supplementary payment on their November paychecks. Kaufland and PreZero will issue shopping vouchers of equal value to employees in November.

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