Neckarsulm, 28. April 2022

Schwarz Group opens German Cloud “STACKIT” to Businesses and the Public Sector

Schwarz Group has opened its EU compliant and locally hosted German cloud “STACKIT” to businesses and the public sector.

“Our service offering means that we are paving the way in Germany for a European cloud solution that will strengthen the digital sovereignty and competitiveness of our economy", says Christian Müller, CIO Schwarz IT. In doing so the Schwarz Group responds to calls from government ministers for a viable European alternative to cloud offerings and colocation services from non-European providers.

As a German cloud solution, STACKIT aims at businesses and state-of-the-art public sector organizations. A digital brand of Schwarz IT and an integral part of the Schwarz Group, STACKIT was devised and launched to support the digital transformation of Europe's largest retail group through a powerful cloud and colocation infrastructure: "Opening our proprietary and proven STACKIT cloud to users outside the Schwarz Group represents a milestone for businesses and public sector organizations in their quest for digital sovereignty”, explains Christian Müller.

STACKIT meets the stringent security and service requirements of German companies: Data security and data protection were given highest priority throughout the entire development process. The STACKIT data centers are based in Germany and comply with the highest European security standards. In addition, they allow for effective recovery processes in the event of failures caused by external factors, such as extreme natural events. The solution has demonstrated its reliability within the Schwarz Group since 2019 on a daily basis, including at peak times.

The solution allows customers to significantly simplify their operations, processes, and systems. "Via STACKIT, a cloud solution that is 100 percent 'Made in Germany' and geared to the high requirements and security needs of businesses and public sector organizations is becoming available for the first time”, explains Rolf Schumann, CDO Schwarz Digital.

Due to easy-to-use 24/7 support and customer friendly processes, transitioning to STACKIT incurs low transaction costs, ensuring that customers are not distracted from their core business and can benefit immediately from the advantages offered by cloud computing. STACKIT’s scope of services is tailored to individual needs and can be customized as required.

This means that the offering can be used by organizations with no existing digital solutions as well as by those with established, but isolated or segregated IT environments.

The system’s physical architecture allows for individual and direct access to the cloud.


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