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Neckarsulm, 13. March 2022

Schwarz Dienstleistungen increases wages for apprentices

The Schwarz Group is investing in its next generation of employees: Starting 1 August 2022, Schwarz Dienstleistungen will be increasing the monthly salary of its apprentices by EUR 100 gross. As a result, future apprentices will earn EUR 1,100 during the first year of their apprenticeship, EUR 1,200 during the second, and EUR 1,350 during the third. Likewise, the compensation for participants in the high school graduate IT program will be increased. As a result, junior IT staff will earn EUR 1,200 during the first year of the program, EUR 1,350 during the second, and then a salary above the union rates.

Dual education students at Schwarz Dienstleistungen can continue to look forward to above-average remuneration, with a monthly salary of EUR 1,500 during the first, year, EUR 1,600 during the second, and EUR 1,800 during the third. In addition, all apprentices, graduate program participants, and students will still receive paid vacation and a holiday bonus.

Regardless of whether they are participating in an apprenticeship, the high school graduate program, or dual education, all career starters at Schwarz Dienstleistungen receive comprehensive personal mentoring and goal-oriented training. Thus, the company is supporting its young talent in their professional and personal development, preparing them for the career steps after their apprenticeship or studies. Young professionals can expect a secure training position with the intention to take them on as full-time employees.

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