Icons with text: 100% green electricity, 5000 photovoltaic systems

Neckarsulm, 29. March 2022

100 percent green electricity, 5,000 photovoltaic systems: The Schwarz Group is committed to climate protection

As part of its group-wide sustainability strategy, the Schwarz Group is actively contributing to the energy transition: Since the beginning of the 2022 fiscal year, the international corporate group has been procuring all* of its electricity from renewable energy sources. In addition, it is expanding its in-house power generation substantially by setting up photovoltaic systems. By the 2025 fiscal year, around 3,700 new photovoltaic systems will have been installed on or at the buildings of the Schwarz Group, more than 1,600 of which in Germany. This will increase the corporate group’s number of photovoltaic systems to 5,000, with a total peak power of roughly 700,000 kilowatts.

Previous Schwarz Group milestones related to photovoltaics
In the year 2020, the group generated around 130 million kilowatt hours of electricity from renewable energy sources, representing a 63 percent increase on the previous year. With the electricity it generates itself, the group could power more than 30,000 households. The Schwarz Group’s photovoltaic systems cover a surface area of approximately one million square meters (as of the 2020 fiscal year). This corresponds to around 140 soccer fields and represents an increase of some 260,000 square meters compared to the year before.

The switch to 100 percent green electricity* and the expansion of the in-house power generation are part of the group-wide climate strategy. The Schwarz Group is thereby contributing to achieving the 1.5 °C target laid out in the Paris Agreement.

*Excluding any purchase agreements that the Schwarz Group cannot influence, such as those for individual leased properties with a binding electricity procurement clause. Additional information can be found at https://gruppe.schwarz/en/responsibility/ecosystems.

Additional information
For further information on the Schwarz Group’s sustainability strategy, see www.responsibility.schwarz.

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