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Neckarsulm, 25. May 2023

The Companies of Schwarz Group Report Stable Growth

  • New customers through convincing price management and innovative assortment design
  • 8 billion euros in investments in strategic projects and digital business areas

The companies of Schwarz Group successfully closed the 2022 fiscal year, generating EUR 154.1 billion in revenue with their 575,000 employees across all business segments (revenue increase: 15.4 percent).

Despite inflation and rising interest rates, the companies of Schwarz Group managed to submit a stable financial statement. It was possible to offset increased costs for commodities, raw materials, energy, and transport to some extent thanks to efficient process management, which means the increases were not passed on to the customers in full. Furthermore, the high product availability, attractive prices, and innovative product range made it possible to acquire new customers. The number of stores increased by 400 to around 13,700.

Including the integrated real markets, Kaufland stepped up its store revenue by 16.1 percent to EUR 31.8 billion, while Lidl increased its revenue by 13.8 percent to EUR 114.8 billion. Total online revenues came out at EUR 1.9 billion, which represents EUR 0.2 billion (8.5 percent) more than the previous year.

In part due to the acquisitions made in the 2021 fiscal year, the environmental division PreZero boosted its sales by EUR 1.8 billion (84.7 percent) on the previous year to EUR 3.9 billion. The producing companies of Schwarz Group delivered goods worth roughly EUR 3.4 billion to Lidl and Kaufland at internal transfer prices, corresponding to a 29.7 percent increase on the previous year. This includes the sale of goods from the pasta factory acquired in October 2022, as well as from the new digital coffee roastery.

Investments amounting to around EUR 8 billion served both to bolster our stationary business and to promote our strategic projects and digital business segments. These included the expansion of Schwarz Produktion. Activities focused primarily on safeguarding supply chains, as well as on store expansion and modernization. In addition, investments in digital infrastructure and IT security further developed key drivers of innovation.

The reporting date for the balance sheet is 28 February 2023. Total aggregate revenue includes all commercial revenue.

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