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Sustainability Key Figures

Together, we initiate changes and measure their impact. With already over 1,000 sustainability key figures, we provide transparency on our progress and identify potential. All this plays a key role in driving forward our vision: "Assuming Global Responsibility. Acting with Diversity."

The key figures presented generally relate to the entirety of the companies of Schwarz Group and are therefore aggregated as indicators of the Schwarz Group or reported according to the respective business units indicated. Individual companies contribute to the collection of the indicators that affect them due to their business activities or their business model. Purchasing KPIs, for example, relate exclusively to the retail companies Lidl and Kaufland. For all companies, the values include all units that have been operational for at least one complete fiscal year (FY). The topic of personnel is an exception. In addition to the indicators collected as part of the annual financial statements from FY 2021, this also includes values for all operational units for internal management reasons. The retail companies Lidl and Kaufland did not add any new operating countries in FY 2022. PreZero expanded in the reporting year to include national companies in Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Luxembourg. The report refers to the period from 03/01/2022 to 02/28/2023.

Some key figures are presented over the course of three years to ensure completeness and to show developments. Unless otherwise specified, the key date for data collection was 02/28/2023. If information is included that does not lie within the reporting period, these positions are clearly marked.