Our Commitment to Respectful Cooperation

Our Mission:

We believe in cooperation based on respect, appreciation and trust.

Together for Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We use the influence we have as a corporate group active worldwide to shape a sustainable future in which social responsibility, the protection of natural resources and economic efficiency go hand in hand. In a world that is changing rapidly, we are committed to diversity. Our promise to the people who help us shape the change: an appealing and healthy work environment, equal opportunities, health-promoting benefits, personal and professional training, and fair remuneration throughout the entire supply chain. Respect for and promotion of human rights are non-negotiable for us.

Responsible supply chain

Our Focus is on People

People are what drive the companies of Schwarz Group. That is why we take employees, customers and partners with us on our journey towards more sustainable business – only together can we make the far-reaching changes needed for greater sustainability. With that in mind, the pillars of our cooperation are fairness, respect, unity and trust. These values are not just words; they are deeply held beliefs.

Shaping a World in Transition

A world in transition needs visionaries to shape it. A willingness to learn, develop and take new paths is essential in this regard. The companies of Schwarz Group help their employees to develop with tailored training that prepares them to meet future needs. Education is our most valuable raw material. However, our ambition of empowering people to act more sustainably does not stop with our employees. To achieve change across the board, the Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions also raise their customers’ awareness through a variety of different campaigns to encourage more sustainable behavior.

Our Measures in the Area of Targeted Empowerment

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Reinforcing Conscientious Decision-Making

The customers of Lidl and Kaufland want to act responsibly as well. But which product is the more sustainable choice? The companies of Schwarz Group want to make climate-friendly and environmentally conscious decisions easier. We have set ourselves a target to encourage mindful consumption: By 2025, we will provide transparency regarding the social, environmental and health impacts of our products. The only way to make business sustainable is by working with our customers – that is why we are taking them on this journey, empowering them and offering them easy ways to stay informed with sustainability seals and certifications. In the food sector, the retail divisions therefore rely on standards such as such as Fairtrade, organic and Rainforest Alliance. At the same time, the retail divisions are working on further expanding their range of sustainable foods.

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Strength Through Training

Motivated employees hold the key to success. Our shared mission: to attract the right personnel and, above all, to keep them in the long term. Faced with a shortage of skilled workers and demographic change, we rely on needs-based training. Our divisions offer a wide range of trainee programs, more than 20 different work-study courses and targeted qualification measures. We have an extensive range of methods to support professional and personal development. The most important element of our drive for sustainability is that we empower all our respective employees to integrate sustainability into their own work. This is how we can shape a more sustainable future together.

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Practicing and Affirming Diversity

Diversity is the strength of our corporate group, and we continuously strive together to create a working environment that values diversity and offers equal opportunities for all. Our jointly developed vision of “Assuming Global Responsibility. Acting with Diversity.” expresses our collective commitment to this. In addition, the divisions and national companies of Schwarz Group have launched numerous initiatives designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to integrate into working life. In the 2022 fiscal year, 41.7 percent of our managers were women. Aspects such as fairness, mutual respect and appreciation are already entrenched in the respective corporate principles, values and management guidelines of the companies of Schwarz Group. We do not rest on our achievements: Together, we want to go one step further and define quantifiable goals for equal opportunities.

Highlights in the Area of Targeted Empowerment at a Glance

41,7 % Women in Management

in relation to all management positions (as of FY 2022)

> 10.800 Trainees

at the companies of Schwarz Group (as of FY 2022)

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Commitment to Fairness and the Environment

The companies of Schwarz Group are firmly committed to complying with social and environmental standards. It is our responsibility as a company to strengthen human rights. Our jointly developed Code of Conduct ensures fair working conditions in our global supply chains. Find out more about our commitment here:

To our commitment for human rights and environmental protection