Filled returnable bottles in production on a conveyor belt Filled returnable bottles in production on a conveyor belt

Circular Systems

We promote the circular economy

Our goal is to combine entrepreneurial strength with conscious sustainable action. As a group of companies, we have great leverage in the circular economy. As the Schwarz Group, we cover the entire cycle, from production and trade to disposal and recycling. For us, today's waste is tomorrow's raw material.

A functioning circular economy is therefore the key for us to counteract the limited availability of resources. For many years, we have focused on the collection, sorting and recycling of plastics, which are indispensable for the core business of Lidl and Kaufland - food retailing.

Recycle Valuable Materials

PreZero CEO Thomas Kyriakis in conversation

"Waste is just recyclable material that is in the wrong place – this fact is our mission at PreZero. A large share of worldwide waste is not disposed right or reused properly – and that is a huge problem for the environment. This is why we focus on a closed loop, which starts by having a completely reusable product from retail and disposal up to sustainable recycling and repro cessing into new products. Our goal: zero resource waste across our entire value chain."

Thomas Kyriakis,
Chairman PreZero

To achieve this, we continuously deal with the topics of food waste and waste prevention and examine how our internal streams of recyclable materials can be collected, separated and recycled in the best possible way. Thus, we relieve the environment, reduce disposal costs and extract the recyclable materials of tomorrow from today's waste.

Goals of the Schwarz Group

Food Waste:
By the end of 2030, we will reduce our food waste by 50 percent at Schwarz Group level.

Zero Waste:
By the end of 2025, we will reuse, recycle or recover a significant percentage of the waste generated in the company.

Our measures

Conscious Use of Materials

The CEO of Schwarz Produktion Jörg Aldenkott

"Wheater is is drinks, ice cream or nuts, it is not just the content that counts, but also the packaging. Before you can assess how environmentally friendly a piece of packaging is, you need to consider its full life cycle. We, in beverage production, rely on disposable PET bottles with high recycled content and low weight. As a result, we only transport out water in Germany over short distances. Our bottles are light, hygienic, and safe – and the environment wins as well. After the bottles are returned to stores, they are pretreated in our recycling plants and then processed into new bottles. In this way, everyone can work together to contribute to conserving resources and protecting the climate."

Jörg Aldenkott,
Chairman Schwarz Produktion

REset Plastic – the Plastics Strategy of the Schwarz Group

Plastic has become an integral part of our everyday life and especially the food retail market cannot be imagined without. Thanks to plastic packaging, food is better protected and has a longer shelf life – hence plastic prevents food waste. It is only justifiably criticized if it is no longer recycled or even ends up in the environment after a single use. At the Schwarz Gruppe, we want to rethink the way we deal with plastic.

With REset Plastic, we launched an international and group-wide plastics strategy in 2018 to meet the challenges holistically. As part of this, we save plastic or keep it in the loop wherever possible and focus on high recyclability. Thereby, we protect the environment without having to forego the positive characteristics of the raw material and at the same time come a decisive step closer to our vision of "Less Plastic – Closed Loops".

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Interim REset Plastic, Status of Objective Achievement