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If You Stop Getting Better, You Stop Being Good.

As a retail chain company, we work according to standardized processes and procedures. We comply with applicable laws and internal guidelines. We assume economic, social and ecological responsibility in our daily business. Our success and our growth rest on the three pillars of performance, people and change.

We are passionate retailers, and people, ambitious in pursuing our goals, yet discreet. Personal appreciation and respectful communication characterize the spirit of our social and business interactions both internally and in dealing with our customers.

Corporate Culture People Passionate retailers personal communication interpersonal appreciation discreet demeanor ambitious

Passionate retailers

We love our business, and we love our products.

Personal communication

Communicating face-to-face rather than by email; taking the time for personal interaction.

Interpersonal appreciation

Acting thoughtful (e.g., listening in meetings), polite (e.g., being on time in meetings), and fair (e.g., equal treatment irrespective of factors such as gender, age or nationality).

Discreet demeanor

We do not show off and focus our communication on the essentials.


Aiming high, staying hungry and never settling for less.

We believe that performance-driven organization and leadership as well as high-performing employees are the cornerstones of sustaining top performance in the long run. This includes using resources economically and always having the company‘s success in mind in everything we do. This means in concrete terms:

Corporate Culture Perfomance Corporate Success Economical with resources Leadership that drives perfomance high-performing employees organization that drives performance

Corporate Success

Through performance contributions at all levels and through cooperation across divisional boundaries; thinking and acting like an entrepreneur.

Economical with resources

– yet not stingy in making entrepreneurial investments.

Leadership that drives performance

Set clear goals, assign responsibility, monitor achievement of goals, reward good performance (praise, development offers), actively improve performance (open and direct feedback, goal-oriented support), leading by example.

High-performing employees

Well qualified, motivated and committed to our company; courage to openly express one‘s own views.

Organization that drives performance

e.g. clear structures, efficient processes and working systematically.

For us, constant change entails ongoing learning and requires flexibility in our work.  We question existing structures and processes and in doing so emphasize simplicity.

Corporate Culture Change Making strong decisions simplicity ongoing learning flexbility in our work questioning the status quo

Making strong decisions

Embracing change; breaking new ground; following through on decisions with consistency and discipline; quickly correcting poor decisions.


e.g. simple processes and structures to be able to quickly adapt; simple communication for increased comprehension and speed.

Ongoing learning

through practical experience; systematic on-the-job training; individual further education and training; reflecting on one‘s own actions; constantly developing one‘s own skills; actively supporting others in enhancing their skills; passing on one‘s own knowledge.

Flexibility in our work

e.g. in the organization of working hours and operational processes.

Questioning the status quo

"Where can we improve, and how can we do it?“ Not resting on past successes, but actively shaping the future.

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We are guided by our motto:

"If you stop getting better, you stop being good."

To us, this means that we’re always on the go, putting agile into practice and flexibly adapting to our customers’ needs and demands. Not only do we keep adjusting to change - we embrace it. This requires that we reflect on existing processes and structures, striving for constant development and improvement.

We trust our employees and believe that everyone makes a valuable contribution to bring the company forward. Being high performers together is what drives us.