Eine Frau räumt ihre Einkäufe in ihr Auto. Eine Frau räumt ihre Einkäufe in ihr Auto.

Product Quality

The contribution of the companies of Schwarz Group to conscious consumption

As the companies of Schwarz Group, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality – sustainable, safe and healthy. In addition to a sustainable assortment and the use of certified raw materials, the companies of Schwarz Group focus on unequivocal and transparent product information. After all, this is the only way to enable consumers to make informed choices. The companies of Schwarz Group rely on established and new labels that act as anchors when consumers make purchasing decisions.

These range from information on our supply chain, which we are making more transparent through digital traceability, all the way to initiatives to promote understanding among our customers on how to use food and natural resources responsibly.

The retail divisions of Schwarz Group have an impact on the environment through the selection and composition of the groceries on offer. The development of our assortment increasingly incorporates social and ecological criteria and focuses on the responsible use of raw materials.

Conscious nutrition

Reduction targets for salt and sugar

The companies of Schwarz Group are focusing on reducing sugar, salt, and fat. To bring this about, the retail divisions and Schwarz Produktion have adopted appropriate reduction strategies that considerably reduce the proportion of the named ingredients.

Reduction targets for salt and sugar

Our measures

Certified raw materials

The companies of Schwarz Group will organize procurement so it is even more sustainable in the future – and use relevant raw materials from growers certified by third parties for private label products. With the corresponding strategic targets in purchasing, both Lidl and Kaufland are accelerating the implementation of concrete division-specific raw material targets that are incorporated into the raw materials strategy of the companies of Schwarz Group.

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"Sustainable supply chains play a significant role in climate protection, particularly in the food and textile industries. The companies of the Schwarz Group with Lidl and Kaufland don't just support sustainable clothing production with the 'Green Button.' It is also committed to implementing essential ecological standards in the production of food in developing countries."

– Dr. Gerd Müller, CDU/CSU, former German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

Our measures

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